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First and foremost, I am the proud dad of my 3 girls (twins Zoey and Stella, plus their big sister – by 13 months – Lucy) and loving husband to my wife Melisa — who happens to be an amazing science teacher. We currently live in Buffalo, NY, though we did spend 5+ years in Seattle, WA and almost 2 years in Rochester, NY, with two amazing cross-country trips in between.

I am an aspiring buddhist, though more for the philosophical aspects and approach to life. I enjoy cooking AND eating good food. I’ve discovered a love for comic books, especially anything X-Men, at the ripe age of 36. I also love music, obsessing over iPhone apps and productivity, and pub trivia.

My current day job involves UX design for an international science equipment distributor. In my spare time, I work on Eko Wave, a niche affiliate marketing company I formed with two friends (and current co-workers at the day job.) We’re currently working hard to turn the latter into the former.

Areas of Expertise

E-Commerce & Web Marketing

13+ years of web marketing and e-commerce experience, including SEO, paid search, e-mail marketing, social media, and e-commerce site management.

UX and Requirements Design

2+ years of User Experience design, including requirements gathering and documentation, wireframe development, and project management.


7+ years of experience developing WordPress and Expression Engine sites, as well as custom PHP and Ruby on Rails sites.

Recent Work

Relic Scout

Ruby on Rails, Product Development

Buffalo Small Press Book Fair

WordPress, Consulting

Itinerant Printer

WordPress, Consulting


What I am focused on right now.

  • Family

    The rock.

    My wife and three girls are the center of my universe. They make every moment enjoyable and worthwhile!

  • Eko Wave

    Visit our site

    Eko Wave is a company I founded with two friends. We specialize in building applications for collectors, using design and data to help them make better purchase decisions. Since we’re geeks at heart, we chose to focus on niche markets and the most passionate people on the internet. We love anyone who completely dedicates their life to their interests.

  • Photography

    Flickr // Instagram

    This year I got a Fujifilm X-A1 and fell in love with photography. Follow me on Flickr or Instagram for my latest captures.

  • Hobbies

    My other hobbies and interests include: indie music, comics, fantasy sports, watching the Sabres & Bills, and cooking.

  • VWR International

    UX Designer/Business Analyst

    I am a senior analyst for VWR, responsible for gathering and documenting requirements, creating wireframes, and managing website enhancement projects for VWR.com and other company sites.

  • Focus.
    Work hard.


Jason Dettbarn

I am a patient boy.

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